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Look, if you're going out to a trivia night where a monotone voice spits out Trivial Pursuit questions over beer and pretzels, why leave the house, right? Once you see a Big Guys Entertainment Trivia Show, you'll never look at trivia the same. We mix MultiMedia Trivia blending games with music trivia from our favorite Max Headroom of today, Virtual Vinny to play games like Reverse It, All Mixed Up and Pixelate. (click below for samples of our games.) Nothing out of a box for us - we research and develop our own multi-media and trivia games. Plus, we reward you for the effort - we offer a point system in order for you to win prizes from our fabulous sponsors at each show we perform.


All Mixed Up

Ever play Jumble in the newspaper? It's a word game where all the words are mixed up. The same principle applies to this game.


As Seen on TV

This game entirely focuses on what we watch on TV. Whether it be trying to remember those old theme songs, identifying the last name of a TV Family or figuring out the name of some infomercial. This game covers them all.


Extreme Closeup

In this puzzle, we zoom in on an image, giving you an extreme close up view. To earn points, identify the object as accurately as you can.


Face Off

This game is all about your ability to recognize famous people. Whether we mash a couple of celebrities faces together or see if Batman's cowl really can hide their face.


Foley Says

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. Some of those sounds are iconic, but can you tell where they come from?


Freeze Frame

This game is simple but can be challenging. We show you a single frame of a film, can you figure it out?


Hot Off the Press

It pays to pay attention to those magazines in the checkout line. How about picking up the Sunday paper? This is all about the printed word.



We are protecting the identity of our clues. All the clues in this game are pixelated. Can you see past the distortion?



A rebus is an allusional device that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words. Can you decipher the puzzle in the time allotted?


Reverse It

Reverse It is our signature game, it was the first one we created to enhance our trivia shows. In this game, we take the chorus of a song and play it in reverse. We play one song from each decade, starting with the 1970s. You’ll earn points by correctly identifying the artist and the song title (1 point for each). All of our songs come from the Billboard Year-End Hot 100.


Shape of Things

Can you identify a U.S. state simply by its shape? Do you know your punctuation? How about naming a company based on just the shapes within their logo? This can be found this game.


Show Me the Money

The game is all about money. Whether we see how well you know U.S. currency or the currency of the world.


Ultimate Movie Fan

How well do you know your favorite movie? Answer questions based on different movies.



We pit two people together who share the same field. We sample their work, you tell us which one was the creator of that work.


Xenology is the scientific study of extraterrestrial life. For us, we have you identify creatures from film and television.

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