Getting up the courage for the first time singing karaoke is one of the hardest moments.  But hey, you do it once, we can almost guarantee you'll crave the stage again and again.  We meticulously mix music and your vocals to make you sound like a rock star! (or a country star...).  Big Guys Entertainment is ready to put the spotlight where it belongs— on YOU!

Karaoke Features

  • Over 90,000 karaoke tracks to choose from from rock, pop, country, musicals, and TV Tunes. We even have some language specific tracks. Check out our SONGBOOK
  • Multiple mics so you can sing with your friends.
  • Digital Songbooks - Access our up-to-date songbooks right from your own phone.  No more waiting for songbooks.
  • Song request from your phone.  Find the song you want to sing?  You can send it to your host without leaving your seat.
  • Karaoke files come from legitmate sources and are downloaded (never streamed) so you don't have to worry about buffering in the middle of your song.
  • Hardware compressor to keep the audio from over modulating, reduce the risk of feedback, and give your voice a fuller sound.

Karaoke manufacturers are going out of business due to illegal downloading and the use of YouTube streams. Playing YouTube in a professional setting is illegal. There are no licenses that allow this and hosts that do this can risk your business getting fined.

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Currently we have no public karaoke events. Request information about booking your own Karaoke Event?


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