Comedy Hypnosis

You've seen them at Fairs. The hypnotist uses a blend of comedy, hypnosis and audience participation to create an exciting and entertaining show. invites members of the audience to the stage and after some careful words and some music, they are under his command. The hypnotist will typically begin the show by introducing themselves and then explain the process of hypnosis. They will then invite members of the audience to come on stage and be hypnotized. Once in a trance, the hypnotist will then use various techniques to create humorous situations and scenarios that the audience can enjoy and laugh at. The Comedy Hypnotist will then bring the audience back to reality and end the show with a bang.


  • PG & R rated shows
  • Audience participation
  • Entertaining & engaging host.
  • Running time approx. 60 minutes

Upcoming Public Events

    Sorry there is no Public Hypnosis Show events.

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