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Come on Down!

Ever watch Games Shows on TV and thought it would be so cool to be a contestant? Do you have what it takes to battle other people to win prizes? Do you have nerves of steel when faced with challenging decisions?

Well, even if you don't, you still could be the next contestant on Game Show Night!



Our Games

These are a few of the games we offer and play during our Game Show nights. You can request specific games to appear during your show or (in the case of recurring shows) allow us to choose.

Big Feud

It's time to play the feud! Two teams compete by seeing if they can identify the top answers to the survey questions. All of the surveys used have been filled out by real people at some of our shows or on our website.


Big Pyramid

Can you get your partner to identify each word with a description? Earn your way to the top of the pyramid? Of course, our pyramid may not ever reach $100,000.


Minute To Win It

In this game, you have 60 Seconds to complete the task. Failure to do so may result in elimination.


Name That Tune

Based on the game show of the same name, our version pits two contestants against each other. After choosing a decade, the contestants will be given a clue. Then, starting at 12 seconds, they bid down to see how many seconds they need to identify the song.



Answer some questions, earn some Plinko chips and then drop them in hopes for the top prize.</p> <p>Plinko is based on the game popularized by The Price is Right.


Take a Chance

Based on the TV Game Show, Press Your Luck, we've replaced the Whammy with Captain Jack but he's as unforgiving with your money as counterparts.  Earn the most money to earn a prize but be careful your money doesn't get jacked.

Deal or No Deal

Take or Leave It

Eliminate your cases, one at a time, in hopes you get rid of the cases with the low amounts. Hopefully, you chose correctly and take home the top prize!

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Spin to win. Choose a letter. Buy a vowel. Solve the puzzle.


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Stylized to Your Event

We do not buy prepackaged games and they can be tailored to your event and topics.

Pierre & Vinny at the Basin Harbor Club doing Family Feud