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Enjoy Yourself

Anybody can play music - click Pandora and you're done, right? But how many can honestly ENTERTAIN you? Big Guys not only boasts one of the most comprehensive libraries of music (27,000 titles and growing...) but more importantly, we are professional entertainers - ready to keep the music rolling and keep you and your guests dancing, playing and singing for all of our shows.


We have a huge library of songs. Over 27,000 tracks! That's a lot of choices! Whether you like rock, pop, country, musicals or TV tunes, we've got you covered.

We do our best to keep our library up-to-date with today's current hits. How disappointing is it going up to the DJ, asking to hear a song only to be told he doesn't have it? If we don't have something, feel free to request it, and, providing we have internet access, we'll get it for you that night.

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Quality & Professionalism

We strive to bring you and your guests the best show possible. We take pride in our work and want people leaving after having a good time. All our DJ's have had years of experience in the entertainment industry.

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