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About BGE

About Big Guys

We don't care about your size, your sex, or your IQ. (Although retention of inane trivia is a plus…) Our team of entertainers brings you shows that keep you spellbound from start to finish.

From our Multi-Media Trivia to Karaoke with a Kick, Big Guys Entertainment do everything BIG.


Known in the wrestling world as "The Beast", Pierre grew up in Colchester and is a man of many talents. Among his duties as co-owner of Big Guys Entertainment, Pierre also acts, is a leatherworker, makes chainmail garments, semi-retired professional wrestler, former bouncer, stand-up comedian, juggles, and plays a mean set of spoons. He owns Piercings By Pierre where he is the resident body piercer and showcases his art.


Born in New Hampshire, but raised in Vermont, this flatlander is the brains behind the tech at Big Guys Entertainment. When he's not managing the huge library of songs and karaoke, creating MultiMedia Trivia, working on the BGE website, or putting together some of the game elements to Game Show Night, he's busy running his web development company, Web Help U.S. and hosting his daily podcast I Love Old Time Radio
Virtual Vinny

Virtual Vinny

Multimedia Host
Powered by 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power, Virtual Vinny is one of the stars of Multimedia Trivia. Developed to combat the closed-minded, he has become a popular and important member of the team.

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